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Why I Keep Writing, Even When the Numbers Stay Low (And Nobody Cares About My Hot Takes on the Philippines)

Let's be real, this blog is a weird hybrid. It's my professional showcase, a place where I try to sound like I  know what I'm doing with freelancing, and apparently, a soapbox where I air my grievances about the Philippines because, well, sometimes I just have to vent.  One of these things is getting me clients. The other two? Crickets. So, why keep at it? Am I just a glutton for digital disappointment? It's possible. But there's more to it than that. Balancing Advocacy, Portfolio, and Expression The dream was noble: attract clients with my mad skills, empower other newbie freelancers, and be a voice of thoughtful reason (or impassioned outrage) on the state of our nation. Seemed doable, right? Wrong. Turns out, potential clients are more interested in website copy that doesn't start with a rant about the latest bureaucratic absurdity.  And fellow freelancers? Most of them want the easy fix, the magic trick to get clients yesterday.  They'd rather I just fix