Why I Keep Writing, Even When the Numbers Stay Low (And Nobody Cares About My Hot Takes on the Philippines)

Let's be real, this blog is a weird hybrid. It's my professional showcase, a place where I try to sound like I  know what I'm doing with freelancing, and apparently, a soapbox where I air my grievances about the Philippines because, well, sometimes I just have to vent.  One of these things is getting me clients. The other two? Crickets.

So, why keep at it? Am I just a glutton for digital disappointment? It's possible. But there's more to it than that.

Balancing Advocacy, Portfolio, and Expression

The dream was noble: attract clients with my mad skills, empower other newbie freelancers, and be a voice of thoughtful reason (or impassioned outrage) on the state of our nation. Seemed doable, right?

Wrong. Turns out, potential clients are more interested in website copy that doesn't start with a rant about the latest bureaucratic absurdity.  And fellow freelancers? Most of them want the easy fix, the magic trick to get clients yesterday.  They'd rather I just fix their profile than hear my thoughts on [insert less controversial Filipino issue here].

Shifting to the Local

After much soul-searching (and pathetically low view counts), I've pivoted. Freelancers in my city – we've got unique struggles! Bureaucracy, spotty internet, maybe even figuring out how to politely deflect relatives who think we 'don't have a real job'. This feels more targeted, more like I'm actually building something useful for a community.

Does it tie in perfectly with my social commentary? Not always. But the truth is, my opinions are shaped by being a freelancer here, right now. That one time I spent three hours waiting in line for a permit definitely fuels my rants as much as anything in the headlines.

Examining My Connection (Modified)

Okay, time for some brutal honesty. Am I connecting with anyone right now? My freelance advice could be more relatable if I stopped acting like a seasoned pro and admitted I'm still figuring it out too. And with my passionate screeds... maybe I need to find my tribe before I start shouting from my corner of the internet.

This also means facing a hard truth: the internet is a crowded space. There are fantastic blogs out there. It's hard to make the algorithm gods take notice of mine amidst the sea of content vying for those precious 'bathroom break' reading minutes.

Expressing Myself, Engaging with My Country

Here's the thing: I can't not write about the Philippines. It gets under my skin, the good and the infuriating. As freelancers, we're not in some bubble. Politics, economics, all that mess – it shapes how easy (or hard) it is to build a career here.

Maybe some people get it, who see the world the same way.  Or maybe I'll alienate everyone and end up being the crazy blogger ranting about infrastructure while also begging for proofreading gigs. Worth the risk, I say.

Moving Forward With Purpose

This blog, it's still evolving.  There'll be client work, practical tips, and yes, the occasional word-bomb on the state of things. If I figure out how to make it all cohesive...well, I'll probably write a guide about that.

For now, success isn't about views. It's getting a message from a fellow freelancer saying "you made me snort my coffee laughing because, yes, the struggle is real!" or someone commenting, "your post actually made me think differently about [issue]." That's why I keep typing, even into the seeming void.

Are you a freelancer in my area? Dealing with similar struggles? Prove me wrong - tell me what you DO want to read about! And if you ever need a website copy that doesn't come with a side of existential angst, hit me up. ;)


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