About Power of Words_Unlocked

Hello and welcome to Power of Words_Unlocked! I'm Gino Borlado, the mind behind this platform. With over a decade of freelance experience, I've built this site to be a trifecta of a blog, portfolio, and advocacy hub. My mission? To share invaluable insights and offer a guiding hand to freelancers navigating this exciting yet challenging industry.

What You'll Find in My Blog

  • Pro tips for landing gigs
  • Best practices for handling clients
  • How-to guides for setting your rates
  • Advice to boost your business
  • Real-life stories of freelancers who made it
  • Interviews that'll make you think

Spotlight on My Skills

But my blog's not all I've got to offer. Check out my portfolio for a good look at my range of content creation and blog writing skills.

Fighting for Freelancer Rights

I'm not just talking the talk; I'm walking the walk. I fight for the same benefits and protections that traditional employees get.

So, thanks for dropping by Power of Words_Unlocked. Whether you're here for the blog, my portfolio, or to join the cause, I hope to be your guiding light in the freelance world.

Let's Collaborate

Need a content writer for your blogs and website? Take this conversation to Upwork and see how I can help you hit your goals.

That wraps it up for now. Looking forward to crossing paths with you on Upwork!


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