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The Last of Us HBO Series: A Masterful Adaptation That Lives Up to the Game

The Last of Us, one of the most cinematic games ever made, has finally been adapted into a TV series by HBO.  As a fan of the game, I was excited to see how the new format would handle the story and characters that I had grown to love.  After watching the first episode, I can confidently say that fans have nothing to fear - this refreshingly faithful adaptation improves upon the original in certain respects. The first episode covers the game's infamous prologue, the 20-year time jump that follows in Joel's story, and the introduction of the unique brand of dystopia in the game.  While it isn't a beat-for-beat recreation of the game's first act, the adjustments and additions to the story are tasteful and add a welcome element of real-world context that grounds the story in a meaningful way. One of the masterstrokes of the game was putting the player in control of Sarah for a while, which makes her subsequent death at the end of the prologue all the more devastating.  The