The Last of Us HBO Series: A Masterful Adaptation That Lives Up to the Game

The Last of Us, one of the most cinematic games ever made, has finally been adapted into a TV series by HBO. 

As a fan of the game, I was excited to see how the new format would handle the story and characters that I had grown to love. 

After watching the first episode, I can confidently say that fans have nothing to fear - this refreshingly faithful adaptation improves upon the original in certain respects.

The first episode covers the game's infamous prologue, the 20-year time jump that follows in Joel's story, and the introduction of the unique brand of dystopia in the game. 

While it isn't a beat-for-beat recreation of the game's first act, the adjustments and additions to the story are tasteful and add a welcome element of real-world context that grounds the story in a meaningful way.

One of the masterstrokes of the game was putting the player in control of Sarah for a while, which makes her subsequent death at the end of the prologue all the more devastating. 

The show offers more time with Sarah as she goes about her day, getting her dad's watch repaired for his birthday, and visiting their neighbours. 

Nico Parker's performance as Sarah is warm and compassionate, which makes the prologue's gut-punch ending just as, if not more, hard-hitting than the game's.

Pedro Pascal is terrific as the gruff, grumpy Joel and his physicality and voice closely match Troy Baker's original portrayal of the character. 

The show also adds a few new narrative wrinkles to the proceedings, such as a flashback to a 1968 talk show on which an epidemiologist explains that fungi are a much greater threat to humankind than any virus, being that in certain cases, fungi can take control over the bodies of living hosts like ants and, potentially, humans. The word "pandemic" is uttered prominently, and global warming is alluded to as well.


The Last of Us episode 1 is a fantastic adaptation that does the game justice. It's clear that the creators of the show have a deep understanding and love for the source material. The new format offers a fresh perspective on the story and characters, while still staying true to the original. I can't wait to see what the rest of the series has in store.

As a fan of the game, it's exciting to see the story and characters brought to life in a new way. The new format offers a fresh perspective, while still staying true to the original. The addition of new elements such as the talk show and the inclusion of Sarah's story makes the story more impactful. The performances by Pedro Pascal and Nico Parker are also noteworthy.

Overall, The Last of Us episode 1 is a fantastic adaptation that does the game justice and is a must-watch for fans of the game.

What are your thoughts on the adaptation? Are you excited to see the rest of the series? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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