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The Hidden Costs of Upwork's Boosting Feature: How It's Hurting Freelancers

No time to read? Listen to this article here .  Upwork is an online platform that connects freelancers with clients looking for their services. It has been a go-to platform for many freelancers looking to find new clients and build their businesses.  Recently, however, Upwork changed its bidding system and introduced a new feature called "boosting", which allows freelancers to bump their proposals up the list for visibility by the client. While this feature may sound beneficial, the reality is that it has had a detrimental effect on freelancers, particularly those who are new to the platform or have limited resources.  You cannot send proposals without Connects.  The Hidden Costs of Upwork's Boosting Feature: How It's Hurting Freelancers will explore the negative impact of these changes on freelancers and how it leads to a situation where only those who can afford to boost their bids are favored over more qualified but less financially capable freelancers. Agencies ar

Exploring the Culture and Landscape of Buscalan: A Journey to the Heart of Kalinga

For years, my wife and I have wanted to meet Apo Whang Od - the last traditional mambabatok (tattoo artist) of the Kalinga tribe here in the Philippines. Her work passed down through generations, is a cultural treasure and an art form that has fascinated us. We finally found the opportunity to meet her thanks to my wife, who discovered a group on Facebook called " Tribong Panhik ." The group regularly organizes trips for interested individuals who want to meet Apo Whang Od, and we decided to join one of their trips last January 11, 2023. The price per head was Php 4000 (please check with them for the current tour package), including transportation, meals, and a homestay. In short, all you need to do is to enjoy the trip.  With the legendary mababatok, Apo Whang-Od. Preparing for the Trip During my initial research,  I heard there would be a 30-minute uphill walk to Apo Whang Od's village. Being someone who is always in pain due to my knee and lower back issues, this 30-mi

Discovering the Hidden Gems of Remote Work: A Quick Review of

It can be difficult to find clients as a freelancer. With so many job marketplaces, it can be difficult to know where to start your search. However, after scouring the internet job market, I discovered a true gem - .  I have found this platform to be an invaluable resource, and I wanted to share my experiences with others who may be struggling to secure work as a freelancer. No matter if you're just starting out or have been in the job market for a while, could be the answer you've been looking for. is an online jobs and career networking website which connects employers and job seekers in the Philippines. It's a job board that allows companies to find and hire remote Filipino workers for various jobs, such as virtual assistants, customer service representatives, and more. The approach to creating a profile for job seekers that has is unique and sets it apart from other job marketplaces. The platform focuses on skills

Ghost of Tsushima: Live-Action Adaptation Is A Go, Gamers Rejoice!

Yo gamers, have you heard the hype? Ghost of Tsushima is getting the live-action treatment and it's about time. As a huge fan who's played the game six times, let me tell you, this game is a masterpiece. The attention to detail, the epic samurai action, it's all so good. So, when I heard that John Wick director Chad Stahelski was taking the reins, I was like "hell yeah!" Now, I know some of you might be thinking "but how are they going to make this game into a movie?" And honestly, that's a valid concern. But let's be real, if anyone can do it, it's Stahelski. He's got the action chops to bring the game's intense battles to life on the big screen. Plus, he's got the creative vision to put his own spin on things. And that's what's going to make this adaptation so dope, seeing how Stahelski's going to interpret the game's story and characters. But, let's not forget, there are some challenges that come with adapti

Fair Rates, Fair Play: The Impact of Pricing on the Freelancing Industry

No time to read? Listen to this article here .  Freelancing has become super popular among us professionals, giving us the freedom to work on our own terms and set our own prices. But, figuring out the right rates can be a real headache for both clients and freelancers alike. Honestly, the current state of pricing in the freelancing world is pretty concerning. It seems like clients are always trying to save a few bucks, and that often means freelancers get the short end of the stick. This kind of attitude doesn't do anyone any good, and it's definitely not good for the industry. Unfortunately, some freelancers also end up lowballing themselves just to make ends meet. This kind of behavior can really hurt their careers and the industry as a whole. So, let's dive into the factors that influence pricing and how they're impacting the freelancing world in a bad way. An Appeal To Clients We know that saving costs is important, but when it comes to freelancing rates, keeping t