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To AI or Not to AI: The Ethics of Using ChatGPT to Give Feedback (and Why My Client's ChatGPT Trickery Rubbed Me the Wrong Way)

Yesterday, I landed a new gig writing articles for a client. Excitement buzzing in my veins, I dove straight into the work, eager to impress. After sharing my meticulously constructed article outline, I waited with bated breath for feedback. What I received instead was... well, a bit of a curveball. A wall of text that felt eerily familiar. Turns out, my client had simply pasted my outline into ChatGPT and hit "critique this for me and give me ways to improve it." Now, I'm no Luddite. I've dabbled with AI tools myself, marveling at their ability to spit out ideas and automate mundane tasks. But this felt different.  It felt like a cop-out, a shortcut that undermined the value of my work and the effort I'd put in. As the frustration simmered, a bigger question bubbled up: what are the ethics of using AI for feedback? Is it a helpful tool or a lazy way to avoid doing the real work of critical thinking and communication? And am I just being overly sensitive, or is th