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"Hang Up and Submit": A Viral Video's Threat to Filipino Freelancing's Reputation

I was casually sipping my coffee while browsing Facebook when I chanced upon a viral video of a child handling a work call, even describing how to "hang up and submit" the call as if it were nothing. My immediate thought was, imagine if a client abroad gets to watch this video. While it's adorable that a child is mimicking their work-from-home parent, imagine the potential consequences. Clients abroad could easily form a negative perception of Filipino freelancers, assuming a lack of professionalism or disregard for client needs. This single video has the potential to damage the reputation we've meticulously built as reliable and dedicated workers. The video shows a young child mimicking her mother's work routine, stating, “‘pag may tumawag, hang up niyo lang and submit.” This is alarming because hanging up on a call is a major breach of protocol in the call center world and could result in disciplinary action. This act, while seemingly innocent and humorous, rais