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The Idea Of Luxury: A Relative Concept

When Zoe Gabriel, a Singapore-based Filipina teenager, shared a video of herself flexing a "Charles & Keith" bag, she likely didn't expect the backlash that ensued. In the video, Zoe expresses her gratitude for the gift from her father and describes the bag as a luxury item. However, the internet was quick to judge, with many users leaving offensive comments and criticizing her for considering the bag to be a luxury item. It's important to remember that luxury is a relative term. What one person considers to be a luxury item, another may not. For Zoe, the "Charles & Keith" bag was a special gift from her father, and she was proud to show it off. She had every right to be gracious and thankful for the gift, and no one should have the right to bash her for it. The Character of Those Attacking Zoe The negative comments and attacks directed at Zoe are a reflection of the character and upbringing of the individuals who made them. It's disappointing t