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The Rise of Outrage: Exploring Increased Sensitivity and the "Karen Phenomenon"

Ever feel like you're walking through a conversational minefield? One wrong word, and BOOM – someone's offended.  Were people always this sensitive, or has the internet turned us all into a bunch of outrage addicts?  Let's be real, the 'Karen' phenomenon isn't exactly helping to calm things down. So, let's dive in and explore why everyone seems to be on a hair-trigger these days. It wasn't always this way. Remember the days of rotary phones?  Conversations moved slower, and there wasn't a global stage for every fleeting thought or knee-jerk reaction. The internet and social media have completely changed the game. They've amplified voices, accelerated the spread of information (and misinformation!), and created the illusion that everyone is perpetually outraged. The Digital Echo Chamber The internet, and social media in particular, are like a megaphone for every grievance under the sun. Those once-isolated rants from your slightly unhinged uncle a