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My Phone is My Drug Dealer: Breaking My Digital Dopamine Addiction

My relationship with my phone is getting out of hand. Every buzz, every alert, every ding – it's like a little jolt of happiness floods my brain. That's the thing about dopamine, our body's personal pleasure chemical. It's great when you're doing things that keep you alive, but those endless scrolling sessions on social media? Yeah, not so much in the grand survival scheme. Here's how I figured out I've got a bit of a digital dopamine addiction problem and what I'm doing about it. Understanding Dopamine Addiction Turns out, those likes, comments, and endless content streams are like little digital cocaine hits. Social media platforms, games, and even news sites are engineered to keep us hooked with quick, easy dopamine rewards. All those little bursts keep me craving another fix, and before I know it I've burned through an hour and learned absolutely nothing of value. Worse, it's not just about wasting time - being constantly hooked into this dop