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Nicotine Pouches: A New Horizon for Quitting Smoking?

Yesterday, a new chapter in my learning unfolded unexpectedly. Despite quitting smoking in 2015 after years as a heavy smoker, a client on Upwork introduced me to nicotine pouches—a term I hadn't encountered before. If I knew about this product back then, I might have considered them in my efforts to quit. This article explores nicotine pouches, aiming to inform those contemplating quitting smoking about this alternative. A Brief History of Nicotine Pouches Nicotine pouches stem from older tobacco products like Swedish snus (a moist, smokeless tobacco product from Sweden). The modern iterations, however, are distinctly different—these are tobacco-free sachets that offer a cleaner nicotine delivery. Emerging in the early 2000s, with notable brands like ZYN launching in the U.S. market by 2014, these products have evolved from traditional tobacco usages to incorporate synthetic or purified nicotine with plant-based fibers, providing a smokeless nicotine experience. What Exactly are