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What Were You Thinking?: Episode 2 - The HPG Escort Flex Gone Wrong

When I wrote a blog a few days ago about a graduating student who donned a Nazi uniform with a Sieg Heil salute for his graduation photo, I thought that was the peak of questionable decisions shared online. But today, as I read the news about a woman flaunting her husband's arrangement of an HPG escort, I realized the well of bewildering social media posts runs much deeper. So, welcome to Episode 2 of What Were You Thinking?  The Philippine Highway Patrol Group (HPG) has long been tangled in controversies surrounding its officers being hired out as private escorts for the elite. While escorting a politician, a businessman, or even a foreigner through traffic is not officially part of their mandate, some HPG officers reportedly engage in this practice as a way to supplement their income. This unofficial side hustle, however, has fueled accusations of unethical and unprofessional conduct, undermining the public's trust in the HPG's commitment to serving all citizens equally a