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EDSA 38 Years On: Remembering Revolution in the Shadow of Today

When I was thirteen, the Philippines pulsed with a faint but growing desire for freedom under the suffocating grip of the Marcos regime. My world, once defined by childhood, now expanded to include an awareness of struggle and resistance. Hidden books by authors like Primitivo Mijares, Ricardo Manapat, and Raymond Bonner revealed truths the streets of Manila dared not speak. They illuminated my young mind, guiding me through the shadows of oppression toward a quest to reclaim my nation. Thirty-eight years after EDSA, echoes of that moment still ring—the clamor of voices demanding dignity and freedom. In the cycle of history, I now see power lost and won again. The Marcoses, once ousted, are back, their legacy a complex thread in the ever-evolving story of the Philippines. Imelda's deliberate absence from her son's campaign and simmering tensions with Rodrigo Duterte further complicate our current political landscape. What does the legacy of EDSA mean? Was it simply a moment of