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Pinoy Palengke Problems: Why We're Barya Beggars in a Land of Plenty

The familiar voices of Ted Failon and DJ Chacha drifted over the radio as I sipped my morning coffee on the terrace. It's a ritual I've picked up over the years, a mix of news and entertainment to start the day. Today, while they bantered about the latest headlines, my mind drifted to a recurring theme in our national conversation - this Filipino obsession with " libre " (free stuff). Think of the classic Filipino birthday party. There's excitement, good food, and that unspoken expectation that guests will bring a gift. It's a harmless cultural quirk, a way of sharing in the celebration, but it speaks to how deeply ingrained the love of " libre " runs in our veins. We Filipinos, it seems, can't resist anything that doesn't cost a peso. This isn't just about birthday parties. It's evident in the lines of people eagerly waiting for a politician's handout of basic groceries. It's in the flicker of disappointment when the tiny sam