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Mars, May Extra Ka Ba Diyan? Bayaran ko sa Lunes

Mars, kamusta?   These two words, seemingly innocent enough, can evoke a range of emotions for any Filipino. For some, it's a genuine inquiry into your well-being. For others, it's a prelude to the juiciest chismis (usually starting with, " Mars, may tsika ako... "). But for many of us, those two words can send a shiver down the spine, a signal that the dreaded " pautang " dance is about to begin.   We've all been there, haven't we? Staring at our phone screens, thumbs hovering over the keyboard, heart pounding like a drumbeat in a fiesta.  The awkward pause, the hesitant " Baka may extra ka diyan? ", and the inevitable " Bayaran ko sa Lunes " – it's a delicate tango of desperation, awkwardness, and the faint hope that "Lunes" will magically solve all our financial woes.   But hey, let's face it – borrowing money is as Pinoy as karaoke and balut. It's a cultural phenomenon, a rite of passage even. So, grab a