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The Great Freelance Puzzle of 2023: Unraveling the Challenges Faced by Genuine Freelancers in Today's Competitive Market

No time to read? Listen to this article here .  Welcome to the wild, wide world of freelancing in 2023! If you're stepping into this landscape for the first time, or if you're thinking about it, buckle up. It's an exciting, yet challenging ride. Let's imagine the freelance market as a bustling city. A city with skyscrapers, noisy traffic, and vibrant life. Much like New York or Tokyo, but instead of people walking on the streets, we have freelancers offering their skills. Picture yourself strolling down the streets. There's a bustling crowd, everyone rushing. You see engineers, writers, designers, consultants - professionals of all types. Now, remember, everyone, 's looking to get hired. Everyone wants to find that perfect project, that ideal client. But here's the thing: not everyone succeeds. The market has never been this competitive. The skyscrapers? They're getting taller. The noise? It's getting louder. We've seen a surge of freelancers ste