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Why Common Sense Is Often Overlooked but Essential in Freelancing

Have you ever wondered why some freelancers handle projects like pros while others fumble? You’d think it’s all technical skill, but often, it’s just common sense. This idea hit me during a chat with a fellow freelancer. He was puzzled by the lack of common sense he saw in new freelancers—evident from the questions they posted on Facebook groups. Why does this matter? Because common sense is more uncommon than you’d think, but it’s a cornerstone for freelancing success. This blog won’t just be me talking; we’ll include thoughts from Jamie, JC, Nilan, and Jay. So, stick around, and let’s crack the code on why common sense is your freelancing superpower! Audience Insights: What Do People Think? I threw a question on Facebook to spice things up and bring more viewpoints into the mix. I was curious to hear from my friends and former colleagues, who bring various experiences. So, what did they have to say? Jamie’s Perspective : Jamie leans toward the idea that teaching common sense is diffi

Top 10 In-Demand Freelancing Skills for 2023: The Roadmap to Success

No time to read? Listen to this article here .  The future of work is shifting, and it's shifting towards freelancing. This work setup lets you be your own boss, choose your clients, and set your own schedule. Sounds interesting, right? Now, let's journey into the freelancing realm where we uncover the top 10 skills that businesses are currently seeking. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - A freelancer in this domain gets to be a website's secret superhero, making sure it stands tall in search engine rankings. To step into this role, you'll need to learn about keyword research, SEO-friendly content creation, and link-building strategies. It's also worth understanding Google's algorithms as they dictate the rules of the SEO game. Social Media Marketing - Imagine being the voice of a brand on social platforms. As a freelance social media marketer, that's exactly what you'd do. Essential skills include content creation, analytics, and familiarity with diffe