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Stop Undervaluing Yourself: A Freelancer's Guide to Pricing with Confidence

Freelancing isn't a hobby. It's a business. Yet, too many freelancers treat it like a charity bake sale, practically giving their work away. Clients offer a pittance, and somehow freelancers say "yes" instead of laughing them out of their virtual office.  Why does this bizarre dance keep happening? Let's break it down. The Client Conundrum Some clients are cheapskates. It's a simple fact. They want champagne results on a soda budget. But there's more to it: The Budget Blindspot : Many clients have a sticker-shock mentality. They've been conditioned by bargain-basement online marketplaces. They don't get that quality requires investment. Freelancer =/= Employee : Some clients still see freelancers as less overhead, therefore less valuable. They forget about all the costs we cover that employees don’t. "Just This One Thing" : They ask for a "quick edit" or a "simple logo." They haven't grasped that years of practice