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The War Next Door: A Filipino's Call for Preparedness

The news about the disputed waters has been haunting me. Back-and-forth pronouncements fill the air, each one fueling a growing unease. As a Filipino, I can't shake the feeling that this is more than just news headlines; it's a threat that echoes with unsettling familiarity. My lolo and lola survived World War II, their stories whispering a legacy of fear. They'd crouch in their makeshift cave – the rumble of warplanes overhead, each bomb a roll of the dice against their fragile sanctuary. Hunger was a constant ache, a minor torment compared to the soul-crushing terror. That fear, a chilling inheritance, lingers as I read today's news. What if the posturing and pronouncements ignite into something more? What if ships transform into missile launchers, disputed islands a fiery battleground? What do we do then? This isn't some distant scenario; it's a question that demands an answer as a Filipino living in this day and age. It's a weight I carry, a discomfor