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Can You Still 'Fake It Till You Make It' in 2023's Cutthroat Freelance Market? Truth Revealed!

" Fake it till you make it. "  We've all heard the saying, usually thrown around in self-help circles or perhaps as some whispered career advice from a well-meaning relative. Once upon a time, the unwritten code saw many freelancers ascend from humble beginnings to towering heights of professional glory. But the question that looms as we navigate the trenches hyper-competitive freelance market is: Can you still pull it off in 2023? Gone are the days when you could merely put together a portfolio overnight and count on landing a few naive clients willing to give you a shot. Today, clients are savvier than ever, equipped with tools and metrics to scrutinize every claim you make. In a world awash with options, they can afford to be choosy—and they are. So, is the age-old tactic of faking your way to success a relic of the past, or does it still hold water in today's cutthroat freelance arena? Strap in. We're diving deep to unravel the truth in a landscape where impos