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My Social Battery Runs on Empty: Confessions of an Introvert

Picture this: I'm at a party, surrounded by a sea of unfamiliar faces, and the chatter feels like a physical weight pressing down on me.  My lungs tighten, and all I crave is the sweet silence of solitude. It feels like the very air is being squeezed out of me. There was a time when this buzzing crowd would have energized me. As a former radio jock and call center veteran, I thrived on conversation.  But tonight, just being here is overwhelming. The Inner World of an Introvert Crowds have become my Kryptonite. It's not a matter of shyness or disliking people. It's like my internal social battery starts on full charge but drains with alarming speed. Conversations become a struggle, thoughts begin to jumble, and the only solution is to escape and recharge in the bliss of my own company. It's a strange shift, considering  I spent years in fast-paced, socially demanding jobs...but something changed. The irony isn't lost on me. I'm a blogger – someone who can pour ou