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Confessions of a Confused Parent: Decoding My Teen's Internet Lingo

Let's be honest, who remembers cassette tapes and dial-up internet? This Gen X parent has seen it all – the rise and fall of technological trends, the awkward (and sometimes glorious) evolution of communication. I prided myself on being somewhat tech-savvy, navigating the ever-changing digital landscape with relative ease.  After all, I survived the transition from bulky desktop computers to sleek laptops, from brick phones to smartphones. So, when it came to online communication, I figured I was reasonably hip.  That was until a recent text exchange with my teenager threw a major curveball. My suggestion for dinner elicited a reply that left me scratching my head–a simple " YESSSS! ". Now, in my book, those extra "S"s reeked of passive-aggressive annoyance. Weren't " Yes! " or even an enthusiastic emoji enough? My internal monologue simmered with confusion until my daughter, bless her, picked up on my bewilderment.  That's when the truth hit m