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Is Diskarte a Toxic Filipino Trait? The Fine Line Between Resourcefulness and Opportunism

Growing up in the Philippines, the word “diskarte” was everywhere. Friends and family often remark, “ Mayaman’ yan kasi madiskarte sa buhay, ” praising someone’s knack for thriving. Or they’d say, “ Tingnan mo’ to si Gino, kulang sa diskarte kaya hirap na hirap, ” about someone struggling due to a lack of resourcefulness. But “diskarte” can be a double-edged sword. On one side, it’s about making smart moves, like a vendor finding the best spot to sell more fish. On the other, it’s about cutting corners, like someone whispering, “ Kaya ka na-ticketan ng LTO kasi kulang ka sa diskarte. Sana pina-ipitan mo na lang ng 200, ” suggesting a bribe to avoid a ticket. This duality of diskarte, how it’s celebrated for ingenuity and yet can slide into questionable acts, is what we’re delving into. Is this trait truly toxic, or is it just survival? Let’s take a closer look. Diskarte: The Filipino Art of Ingenuity and Its Edges Diskarte is a word that captures the Filipino’s knack for clever solutio