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Beyond "Ladies and Gentlemen": Embracing Gender Sensitivity in Daily Life

A teenager in Manila hesitates at the door of a public restroom. The signs say "Men" and "Women," but neither feels right. They're not just a girl or a boy anymore; something inside is shifting, questioning the labels the world has given them. This small yet profound moment speaks to the heart of gender sensitivity. It's about seeing beyond the signs and understanding the person standing before them. We live in a world where gender expressions are vast and varied, yet our words often fall short. The challenge is clear in the Philippines, where every " kuya " and " ate " carries weight. We need to shift how we speak and think in offices and everywhere. Let's start with the basics right here before diving deeper. It's time to learn, unlearn, and relearn—for everyone's sake. Understanding Gender Sensitivity The argument is as old as time: God created only two genders, male and female. This belief has shaped societies for centurie