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The Freelancer's Guide to Turning Client Calls into Confident Sales Pitches

Remember those first client calls that felt like high-stakes interviews? Palms sweaty, mind racing –  just trying to convince them you're "good enough."  Been there, done that.  The truth is, most freelancers approach these calls from the wrong angle. We focus on selling ourselves, not our value. Here's how I transformed client calls from nerve-wracking experiences to confident sales pitches.  From Job Seeker to Problem Solver The shift starts with the mindset. You're not an applicant vying for a limited position. You're a consultant offering expertise.  This means actively listening and asking insightful questions. Instead of a generic "tell me about your project," try questions like:  "What would success look like for this project?"  "Can you share your biggest challenges in achieving X goal?"" How do you currently measure X metric?" These questions dig deeper, revealing their pain points and positioning you as someone