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From Shame to Fame: Flipping the Script on Body Talk in the Philippines

Remember that awkward moment at a family reunion when a Tita loudly asked if you'd gained weight?  Or when a random stranger online felt the need to comment on a celebrity's thighs?  Maybe someone called you " payatot " assuming you don't eat well, or teased you about your legs. That's body shaming, and it's way too common in the Philippines.  I remember when the saleslady grimaced and suggested a bigger size when I asked for a pair of jeans. That stuck with me for weeks.  Tired of letting those comments erode your self-esteem? Maybe you're even guilty of making similar remarks without realizing the harm they cause. Well, it's time to change the conversation. The Reality of Body Shaming in Our Culture Let's be real; in the Philippines, commenting on people's bodies is practically a national pastime. We discuss weight fluctuations, make "helpful" diet suggestions, or tease people with nicknames like  " balyenang baboy. "