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Mariel Rodriguez, Glutathione Drips, and the Ethics of Public Office

Photo borrowed from The Inquirer When Mariel Rodriguez posted the glutathione drip photo ( Vitamin C drip lang daw, kayo naman ) in the stately confines of Senator Robinhood Padilla's office, the ripple effect was immediate.  Senator Nancy Binay's subsequent reflection on this act ignited public discourse and prompted a deeper personal inquiry for me. As the spouse of a government official, this incident struck a chord. It begged the question: where do we draw the line? What is permissible for public officials and their kin, and what falls outside the bounds of propriety? This scenario unfurls against Republic Act 6713, a legislative canvas sketching the ethical contours for those in public service. Yet, as I delved into the nuances of this law, the question loomed larger: Did Mariel's actions, by extension, blur these ethical lines? This introduction is not just a prelude to a discussion; it's an invitation to navigate the intricate dance of ethics, public service, and