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The Dangers of Political Fandom: Why Blind Loyalty Leads to Perpetual Misery in the Philippines

  "Di ko na maalala, your honor"—Alice Guo kept saying these words over and over again during the Senate hearing about her supposed connections to POGOs, and it's a scary reminder of how blindly we trust. As suspicions of her true identity and allegiance swirled, President Bongbong Marcos himself questioned her background, yet a wave of unwavering support for Marcos quickly followed. One netizen's declaration, " I will trust what MY president said ," sent shivers down my spine. This blind faith in political figures, this unquestioning loyalty even in the face of glaring red flags, is a festering wound on our nation's soul. It is the Achilles' heel that keeps us shackled to a cycle of misery, hindering progress and perpetuating the very problems we so desperately yearn to escape. This blog is not about Alice Guo or Bongbong Marcos; it's about the dangerous allure of political fandom and how it blinds us to the truth. It's about the urgency of