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From Controversy to Hero: How Duterte’s Missteps Might Set Up Marcos for Redemption

You might wonder why another political analysis would matter, especially from someone like me— an unknown kitchen table philosopher . But bear with me. What if the chaotic regime of Rodrigo Duterte inadvertently set the stage for his successor, Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr., to look good? It’s a wild ride through Philippine politics, but let’s dive in. Keep an open mind, particularly if you’re a Marcos fan. This isn’t about taking sides; it’s about acknowledging some messy truths. Controversy marked Rodrigo Duterte's term. Remember the headlines about his brutal anti-drug campaigns? They left thousands dead and drew international outrage at their blatant disregard for human rights. The guy's style was a mix of populism and authoritarianism, painting a grim picture for human rights in the Philippines. International bodies has widely criticized Duterte's approach, including the UN, which repeatedly flagged human rights violations under his rule. Enter Bongbong Mar