What Were You Thinking? Episode 1: A Reaction to the Nazi Graduation Photo Incident

When I saw the news about a student wearing a Nazi uniform for his graduation picture, I couldn't help but ask, "What were you thinking?" 

Imagine this: It's your graduation day, a moment of pride and joy. You're supposed to be celebrating your achievements, taking pictures with friends and family. Instead, you decide to wear a Nazi uniform. Talaga ba?

The Weight of History

We all know what the Nazi regime stood for—hatred, violence, and the Holocaust. Millions of lives were lost. The swastika isn't just a symbol; it's a reminder of unimaginable pain and suffering. Wearing that uniform, even as a joke, trivializes the horrors of the past. It's like saying, "I don't care about what happened."

The Backlash

Of course, the backlash came fast. Social media lit up with anger and disappointment. People were shocked and disgusted. The school had to step in and address the issue. The reaction wasn't just about the uniform; it was about the lack of understanding and sensitivity.

Wala ba tong guidance ng magulang? Ng school? Im asking, not judging. These are the questions we should be asking. This isn't just about one student's mistake—it's a reflection of what we're teaching our kids.

A Lesson in Sensitivity

This incident shows us the importance of education beyond textbooks. Kids need to learn about history, not just dates and events, but the real impact on people's lives. They need to understand why certain symbols are offensive and why we should be respectful of the past.

Schools and parents have a huge role here. We need to have these tough conversations about history, race, and symbols. It's uncomfortable, but necessary. By doing so, we help our kids make better, more informed choices.

Moving Forward

So, to the student who wore that uniform, I ask again: What were you thinking? I hope this becomes a lesson for all of us. Let's remember to guide our youth better, to teach them empathy and respect.

Graduation is a time to celebrate, not a time for controversy. Let's make sure our actions reflect the values we want to uphold—respect, understanding, and a commitment to remembering the past so we don't repeat its mistakes.

Note: Cover photo borrowed from Philstar.Com. 


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