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Negotiation 101: A Journey to Thriving in Freelancing

Explore the art of negotiation in freelancing through this guide. Learn why these skills are critical, how to avoid common pitfalls and enhance your strategies with practical tips. Including real-world examples of negotiation techniques, this guide is your go-to resource for achieving freelance success. Welcome to the thrilling, vibrant, and exciting world of freelancing! With your skills, ambition, and a shiny new laptop, you're ready to navigate this exciting terrain. Still, like any journey into the unknown, freelancing calls for a reliable compass. Consider this blog post your guide, focusing on one of the most essential aspects of your freelance voyage: negotiation. We aren't talking about mere haggling over price tags but mastering a crucial skill that'll help secure fascinating projects, foster meaningful client relationships, navigate contractual twists and turns, and tackle the inevitable challenges along the way. Why is Negotiation So Crucial? Imagine yourself in

BARD: The AI Assistant Takes a Giant Leap Forward - July 13, 2023 Update

The future of virtual assistance is upon us, and it’s never been more exciting. AI technology is no longer a niche product but a fundamental part of everyday life. Bard, the artificial intelligence (AI) application that helps users explore possibilities and amplify their creativity, has expanded its capabilities exponentially. In this article, we'll be breaking down the recent updates and explaining how these changes impact everyday users like you and me. BARD Gets Multilingual, and Crosses Borders Bard is now available in more than 40 new languages, including but not limited to Arabic, Chinese, German, Hindi, and Spanish. This means that many more users from different linguistic backgrounds can interact with Bard in their native tongue, making the platform more accessible and user-friendly. Also, Bard's availability has expanded to include all 27 EU countries and Brazil, thus covering an extensive global user base. Picture-Perfect Communication with Google Lens Bard now integr

Freelancers, Beware: The Risks of Commission-Based Jobs in Lead Generation and How to Avoid Them

Photo borrowed from Gerlyn Pada via Facebook Stepping into the world of freelancing can be thrilling, but it's important to watch out for certain job offers that seem tempting but may not be fair. One such example is the commission-based lead generation job. Here's why you should be cautious and how to protect yourself. Understanding Commission-Based Freelancing Commission-based freelancing means getting a piece of the profit pie from your work. For instance, in lead generation, you might get a mere $20 out of a $600 deal. Doesn't sound so fair when you look at it this way, does it? The Hard Truth about Commission-Based Freelancing Generating leads is tough. You're finding potential clients, building connections, and persuading them to close a deal. With commission-based jobs, you only get paid if a deal is closed. So, if the deal doesn't go through, all your hard work goes unpaid. Example: Imagine spending hours crafting the perfect pitch, doing market research, an